Plan Design Strategy

The Benefits world continues to change and our role is to assist our clients in developing benefit strategies that work for their organization on both a short and long term basis.

The Benefits Review - this review starts with gathering information on your organization, the history of your plan in terms of plan design and claims utilization. We also listen and learn about what your ongoing benefit needs are and your corporate philosophy.

The Plan - with all of the information we gather and with each client being unique, we put the plan through our “Benefit Audit”. This includes: plan design issues, contractual provisions, claims utilization, cost containment strategies, premium sharing, administration and communications.

Plan Implementation - after conducting our Benefits Audit and discussing the result, we then prepare a short and long term strategy for your plan with emphasis on communications.

Since every client has unique needs. Our objective is to design and manage meeting the goals of our clients and their employees alike.

Plan Funding and Provider Procurement

In today’s benefit world, there are a number of options in terms of the funding a plan.

We look at your tolerance to risk, your budgetary requirements, and your history of plan costs to determine which option is best for you. This may include:
- Traditional Insured Benefits
- An Administrative Service Only Plan (ASO)
- A Hybrid Plan
- A Health Care Spending Account
- Wellness Programs

Not all carriers are created equal and we determine what your needs are from a carrier or provide and find the best match taking into account:
- Budget
- Plan Design
- Administrative requirements
- Claim requirements

Ongoing financial assessment of a plan is no longer a once a year task. On a regular reporting basis we provide our clients with ongoing information including:
- Financial Analysis including assistance with future budgeting
- Claims Analysis
- A track record of effective provider negotiations


Our Service Commitment

We feel that one of our strengths is in providing the day-to-day service needs of our clients. It’s these value added services what set us apart. Our support team works with the providers and our clients to ensure that our client needs are being met.

We provide communication tools for our clients to provide extra value to the plan and ensure that our clients are meeting the demanding standards that are required today on benefit communications, this includes:
- Comprehensive employee memos
- Face to Face employee information sessions

We provide Administrative Liaison Services to assist in the ongoing administrative needs of the plan including:
- Assistance in billing and claim issues
- Trouble shooting with the providers

We provide assistance in Disability Management including:
- Development of a sick leave program
- Assistance in Short and Long Term Disability claims